Measurable Results
Sustainable Change


  • Increased Proactive Supervision from 0% to 40% and Throughput by 30+%

    Fabrication - Steel Structures

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  • Decreased Production Rejects and Scrap by 65%

    Manufacturing - Consumer Products

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  • Reduced Unscheduled Downtime and Regrind by 75%

    Manufacturing - Injection Molding

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  • Increased Product Throughput by 11%

    Food Services - Frozen Products

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  • Improved Plant Efficiency by 15-23% and Reduced Overtime by 50-73%

    Food Services - Dairy

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  • Reduced Waste by 70% and Increased Production Throughput by 26%

    Food Services - Meat Processing

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  • Performance Improvement Attainment 107% of Plan

    Oil & Gas - Natural Gas Processing

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  • Reduced Rig Servicing Expenses and Contractor Costs by 30%

    Oil & Gas - Well Maintenance

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  • 10% Production Level Increase Net of Capital Expenses

    Oil & Gas - Upstream Extraction

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  • Dwell Time for Railcars in the Yard Reduced by 35%

    Logistics - Railway Transportation

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  • 15% to 25% Improvement in Weight Per Stop Across 23 Terminals

    Logistics - Trucking

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  • 35% Improvement in Throughput Per Labor Hour and 30% Reduction in Claims Levels

    Logistics - Warehousing

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  • 20% Increase in Tickets Per Hour for Over 4,000 Technicians

    Telecommunications - Field Operations

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  • Improved Engineering Time Charged to Value Added Activities by 25%

    Telecommunications - Shared Services

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  • 10% to 15% Improvement in Average Handle Time and 26% Improvement in Grade of Service

    Telecommunications - Call Center

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Business Process Improvement

Through analysis and observation, PVA conducts a collaborative review of your business processes, identifying hidden opportunities for improvement

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Behavioral Change

Through our training, coaching and mentoring process, Managers and Supervisors will increase their time spent actively managing from a low of 5% to as much as 40 to 60%

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Management Operating Systems

Providing Management with the proper tools to help them more effectively manage their processes and resources 

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